This weeks reviews.




The Love Book.

And we start this week with a beautiful book I actually bought for research, (yeah right) and it’s so much better than I thought it was. Full of the classics, new Poems, Love-letters. This is an exquisite collection of the very best writing on love from the greatest writers in the English language and also includes lesser-known marvels. I’m really glad I bought it.






Barnes and Noble publications of  Dracula. First published in 1897, Bram Stoker established the ground rules for virtually all vampire fiction written in its wake. I love vampire fiction. There I said it. I’m very fussy who writes it, and I don’t read as much as I did, but I do love me some J.R.Ward, and Laurrel K. Hamilton. I can’t help myself.





Fairy Tales from Around The World. 

Andrew Lang’s Fairy Tales from Around The world. Now, I really did buy for research, and Andrew Lang is very well known for his books about Fairies. They are both gorgeous. I highly recommend these as a gift… to yourself.






A Cabinet Of Curiosities. The Little Book of Awe & Wonder.  

This little number caught my eye last week. Be prepared to experience wonder and learning. A celebration of the inspiring, the informative, the weird and the wonderful,  A Cabinet of Curiosities is a delightful book. After my Uni assignment next week. I might actually get to read a novel again. Now…which one…

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